The Judiciary
Khartoum North & East Nile Judiciary Headquarter
Court of Appeal
Personal Status Circuit

Ms. / Fatima Ibrahim Saeed


Mr. / Dr. Muaaz Ibrahim Abaker


Mr. / Dr, Zaroog Al Tayeb Muneer


Kamal Al Deen Abdulraheem Ibrahim


Hiba jamal al-din Fouad

No.: /###/301/2015


Bahry Wasat Court of First Instance – Personal Status has issued on: 27/04/2015, its judgment in the
presence of the parties, in the case No.: 644/2015, in which, Hiba Gamalddin Fouad is a plaintiff and
the defendant is Kamal Al Deen Abdulraheem Ibrahim, the subject of which is alimony for children,
Mariam (7 years) and Ibrahim (5 years), Iddah (waiting period) alimony and Mutaa (enjoyment) alimony.
The defendant did not accept the judgment, which was decided as follows:
The Court issued its judgment, deemed to be in the presence of the parties, to plaintiff Hiba Gamalddin
Fouad , and defendant Kamal Al Deen Abdulraheem Ibrahim even date, deciding Iddah alimony for the
plaintiff, equal to SP300 (Three hundred Sudanese pounds) for three months, Mutaa alimony equal to
SP1800 (one thousand Eight hundred Sudanese pounds) for the whole period, food and living alimony for
the two children Mariam and Ibrahim equal to SP500 (Five hundred Sudanese pounds) to be paid to them
equally each month, house rent equal to SP500 (Five hundred Sudanese pounds) to be paid monthly,
however medical treatment expenses shall be paid as required and based on the respective invoices.
We have previously admitted the appeal in form and the respondent had been notified by a copy of the
appeal petition and had filed its reply, hence, the appeal shall be valid to be decided on its subject.

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