REPUBLIC OF SENEGAL One People-One Goal-One Faith In the name of the People of Senegal! DAKAR COURT OF APPEAL IN FLAGRANTE DELICTO ----------------------------- DIOURBEL REGIONAL COURT Judgment N° 1104/12 Prosecution N° 1481/12 Of 22 NOVEMBER 2012 AT THE ORDINARY PUBLIC HEARING of the Regional Court of Diourbel (Senegal) on 22 November 20212, held for criminal police cases by Mr. A.KA, judge at the seat – President, assisted by Mr. A.D. and Mr. S.F.F., seat judges – members; In the presence of Mr. M.G, Deputy Public Prosecutor and with the assistance of Mr. D.S., Registrar; THE PROSECUTOR The following judgment was rendered: And: D.G. C.L: D.F. (Civil Party) Between: 1) The Prosecutor, applicant, in accordance with the interrogation minutes of flagrante delicto case dated October 19, 2012; And 2): D.G, born in 1995 in Diourbel, to A. and D.F, house-help, living in the Ndayane district with her mother; AGAINST CR: D.F, his mother; O.S. Civil party appearing at the concluding hearing in person; NATURE OF OFFENCE Rape of minor (girl) by a person with authority over her Articles 320 and 321 of the Penal Code On the one hand And: 1) O.S, born in 1987 in Nébé, to M. and N.F, farmer, domiciled in Ndayanne; Warrant of detention of October 19, 2012. Accused of rape of minor by a person having authority over the minor, provided for and punishable under articles 320 and 321 of the Penal Code; Appearing in the concluding hearing, assisted by his counsel Barrister A.B;

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