In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

The Judiciary
Supreme Court of Kordofan State
Criminal Circuit
Before Honorable Justices:
H.E./Dalya Basheer Siraj……………..President
H.E./Adam Ismail Adam……………..Member
H.E./Abulkarim Ahmed Jofoun….......Member

Trial of
Hawlia Mohammed Musa and another
No M A/DWK/FG//14/2017

First opinion;
 On 1/9/2016 in the criminal lawsuit – summarily - /236/2016, the
Ghibesh First Class Court ruled the acquittal of the two accused (1)
Hawlia Mohammed Musa (2) Musa Muhammed Musa of the
charges against them under Article (151) of the Criminal Code of
1991, and ordered their immediate release.
 The plaintiff did not accept that ruling and submitted an appeal to
the Court of Appeal in West Kordofan which accordingly issued
ruling number ASG/DA//541/2016 dismissing the appeal, pro
forma on 6/10/2016.
 On 29/11/2016 the plaintiff submitted an examination request to
this circuit, and since examination requests as are not, as stated in
Article 188 C, restricted by a specified time limit the request is
accepted pro forma.


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