In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful
Republic of the Sudan

Form Number 8

Sudan Judiciary

Personal Status


Copy Extract
Binding Sharia’a Ruling

Issued by Court of: Al Jabalen
200m Fee
Coinciding: 3

Month: 12

I: Kamal Suliman Alnour

in the Day:


Year: 2014
The Court’s Judge

Heard Case No: 127 Dated:
Coinciding: 20

of the Month:


Month: 10


Year: 2014

Filed by Plaintiff: Fathiya Mohamed Ismael
The Defendant: Alkhazeen Abdalla Rabih
In the Matter of: Divorce over money

And the Court issued the following:

(Oral Decision)
In the presence of all parties, the court has ruled in the matter of the plaintiff, Fathiya
Mohamed Ismael, and the Defendant, Alkhareen Abdalla Rabih, and confirms an
irreversible divorce over money, documented and dated by Ramadan 1435 Hijra, with
no Iddah term on her part since the time frame had passed.

(Binding Decision)
The Entity bound to execute Sharia’a Rulings shall carry out this ruling whenever
requested; such Entity may seek the assistance of any authorities in this matter,
following the means and procedures permissible by the law.
[Signed and Dated:

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