Supreme National Court
Personal Status Circuit
Decision No.: 488/2015, issued by the Court of Cassation

Issued by the Personal Status Circuit- Supreme Court, on: 24-08-2015, headed by
Mr. / Salah Al Tijani Al Amin ,
Mr ./ Abdel Raheem Abdel Sayed


Judge at the Supreme Court
Mr. Al Tayeb Abdul Ghafoor


Judge at the Supreme Court

Documents included in Appeal No.: 191/#/2015 – Bahri & East Nile Court of
Appeal and documents included in case No.: 386/#/2015- Alhaj Yousif Court,
registered under No.: 133/Cassation/2015, have been submitted.

Appellant: Yassin Obaid Yassin
Respondent: Nima Othman Altaj

The respondent raised case No.: 386/K/2015 before Alhaj Yousif Personal Status
Court against the appellant requesting delivering of her son/ Yasir, seven years
old and under her custody and company, back to her, as his father has received
him from the school without her approval. The appellant responded to the case
ratifying part of its substantive parts and objected to delivering the child, subject
to the custody to his mother alleging that, the child has overgrown the age to be

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