Whereas, according to the interrogation minutes of flagrante delicto case of July
25, 2018, … was brought before this jurisdiction upon accusation of having, in
Guinaw Rail, using violence, coercion or threats, committed an act of sexual
penetration on … aged 04 years old;
For having, in the same circumstances, carried out acts of pedophilia on the
Offenses provided for and punishable under articles 320 and 320 bis of the
Penal Code;
On the merit:
On the public action:
Whereas, when questioned, the accused admitted the facts;
That the Prosecution, after having summarized the case, requested the
application of the law;
Whereas in the light of the file and the deliberation of the hearing, the court is
convinced of the facts charged against him;
That it is appropriate to sentence him;
On civil interests
Whereas the civil party, whose constitution was done in accordance with the
procedures, claimed Ten Million as damages;
That it is appropriate to admit the constitution and to so acknowledge;
The defense counsel pleads for his release;
For these reasons:
Ruling publicly, on the basis of counter-argumentation, in criminal matters and
in first instance;
- Declares the accused guilty;
- Sentences him to 10 years in prison;
- Admits the constitution of civil party by …, on behalf of …;
- Condemns the accused to pay the sum of five hundred thousand
(500,000) for damages;
- Orders provisional execution;
- Condemns the accused to pay the costs;
- Accords maximum duration of imprisonment for failure to pay dues;
Thus done, judged and pronounced on the above-mentioned day, month and
And signed by the President and the Registrar.


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