DAKAR COURT OF APPEAL HIGH COURT PIKINE-GUEDIAWAYE IN FLAGRANTE DELICTO Hearing of December 20, 2019 Prosecution No: Registry No: Of 20.12.19 The Prosecutor Versus At the public and ordinary hearing of the Pikine Guediawaye High Court on 20 December 20 2019 held on criminal matters by Mr. Oumar Mamadou DIAO, President, Ms Ndeye Ami CAMARA and Ms Oulimata NDIAYE DIOP, judges at the seat of the Court – Members, in the presence of Mr. Abdoulaye GUEYE, Deputy Public Prosecutor and with the assistance of Maître lbrahima DIOP, Registrar, the following judgment was passed: Between: ….. Nature of offence Rape, Pedophilia, Abduction of minor (girl) The Prosecutor, Applicant, following minutes of interrogation for the flagrante delicto case of 06.12.19; On the one hand Against: … born in 1953 in Lobe to …. and … domiciled at Yeumbeul; Detained following detention warrant of 06.12.19; Appearing in court in person; Accused of rape, pedophilia and abduction of minor (girl); Assisted by Barrister… On the other hand Questioned at the hearing of the day in conformity with article 384 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the accused declared that he wanted to be judged immediately and the case was retained and debated upon; The President read the seizure brief and examined the accused; After summarizing the case, the prosecutor requested for the accused to be declared guilty and sentenced to ten (10 years' imprisonment; The accused presented his defense; The Registrar took note of the accused’s statements; The debates were then declared closed and the case enlisted for deliberation on that day; On this note, after completing its deliberation in conformity with the law, the Court ruled as follows: THE COURT Whereas according to the interrogation minutes of the flagrante delicto matter 4923 of 06 December 2019, … was brought before this jurisdiction, upon accusation of having, in Pikine-Guediawaye, during the year 2019, through violence, force, threat or surprise committed an act of sexual penetration on the person of… minor (girl) below the age of 13; 1

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