CRI/S/10/89 IN THE In the matter of HIGH COURT OF LESOTHO : R E X V SELLO MOSOEUNYANE J U D G M E N T Delivered by the Hon. Mr. Justice M.L. Lehohla on the 22nd day of November, 1989. The accused in this case was charged with the crime of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. He appeared before the magistrate in the Subordinate Court - T.Y. where he pleaded guilty as charged. In brief the facts show that on the 6th July 1989 the complainant Mosiuoa Seemahale aged 10 was herding donkeys and in the process rode on one of the accused's donkeys. It is this event that infuriated the accused with the result that he assaulted this young man. The assault was so great with a whip that one Thabo Seboka intervened but the state of the child's injuries were such that he underwent hospitalisation from 7th of July until August 1989. The doctor who examined the complainant formed the opinion that a blunt instrument was used with force to inflict injuries that the complainant suffered. The doctor among the observations that he made found that there were severe contusions on the child's body and more particularly on the left eye which the doctor found or /established

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