Under re-examination by the Learned Prosecuting Counsel she maintained that the accused inserted his penis in her anus and not in her vagina. The second prosecution witness was the mother of the victim, Grace Euge. She informed the court that she trades in clothes and she was resident in Kumba. She told the court that on 10/08/16 she left her flat at Small Soppo, Buea where she was living with her friend and younger sister to buy airtime for the phone beside the main road. She also left her children including the victim of the offence in her flat. When she returned to the house PW1 and her siblings were already asleep. The next day she travelled to Mudeka and left her children in the care of her friend, Jessica. On 23/08/16 the victim of the offence when out of the house and complained that she was feeling pain in her vagina. The victim of the offence explained that the accused inserted his organ which he uses to urinate into her vagina. She reported the matter to the Quarter-head who advised her to take her daughter to the hospital. She took PW1 to the hospital where PW1 consulted a medical doctor who examined her. When she and PW1 left the hospital she lodged a complaint at the police station where a statement was recorded from her and PW1. The statements of PW1 and PW2 were received in evidence as exhibit ‘C’ and ‘C1’ respectively. Two medical reports issued to PW1 on 23/08/16 were also received in evidence as exhibit ‘A’ and exhibit ‘A1’ respectively. A copy of the 1 st PW’s hospital consultation exercise book is in evidence as exhibit ‘B’. PW2 informed the court that she had spent about 200.000 FCFA for the treatment of PW1. She said PW1 had a wound in her vagina that necessitated treatment. Under cross-examination PW2 told the court that PW1 informed her that she was raped by the accused about 4 days after the incident. In her absence her friend, Jessica looked after PW1. Jessica told her that PW1 complained of pain in her abdomen but she did not know what was happening to her that is why she did not make a report of the matter. Jessica told her she saw blood in the toilet where PW1 was raped. She said PW1 did not tell anyone that she had been raped. She was in Mudeka when the incident took place. Later on she said that she went to the roadside to buy air time for her cell phone. She spent two hours beside the road buying air time for her cell phone. By the time she returned to her apartment after buying air time for her cell phone the incident involving the accused with her daughter had taken place and her daughter was asleep. She lived in her apartment with her friend and her 4 children. When she left her apartment for the roadside to look for air time her children and friend were already asleep. 3

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