In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
The National High Court
Criminal Circuit
Before Messrs:
Abbas Ali Babiker
Tarig Eldaw Ayoub Elimam
Taj Elsir Osman Abdulgadir
Elaraki Elrayah Elolaish
Salah Eltigani Elamin


Trial of / Mohamed Adam Garma
No. HC/CR/91/2016
The Judgment
Sennar Child Court condemned the convicted / Mohamed Adam Garma under Article
45/A read with Article 86 of the Child Act,2010 and sentenced him to hanged until death
as retribution due to kidnapping the victim and travelling with her to the areas of
Elnnehud for the purpose of marriage.
The judgment was appealed before the Sennar State Court of Appeal, which issued its
judgment under its memorandum KS/C/506/2015 and ordered revocation of the
condemnation and punishment, and the release of the accused immediately.
An appeal was submitted to the High Court – the Central States & Gadarif Circuit –
which issued its judgment under it memorandum HC/CR/91/2016 and ordered
revocation of the judgement of the Court of Appeal and retrieval of the judgement of the
Trial Court condemnation to be replaced by imprisonment punishment for three years as
of the date of being in jail, and a fine of SDG 5000. If the accused fails to pay, there shall
be imprisonment for 6 months , and revocation of the execution punishment.
On 222/08/2016, Advocate / Ibrahim Ahmed Eissa applied to review the judgment of the
High Court mentioned Above.

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