AUGUSTINE GUOBADIA V. THE STATE CITATION: (2004) LPELR-SC.295/2002 In The Supreme Court of Nigeria On Friday, the 20th day of February, 2004 Suit No: SC.295/2002 Before Their Lordships IDRIS LEGBO KUTIGI ALOYSIUS IYORGYER KATSINA-ALU UMARU ATU KALGO SAMSON ODEMWINGIE UWAIFO DENNIS ONYEJIFE EDOZIE ....... Justice of the Court ....... Justice of the Court ....... Justice of the Court ....... Justice of the Court ....... Justice of the Court Supreme Supreme Supreme Supreme Supreme Between AUGUSTINE GUOBADIA Appellants And THE STATE Respondents RATIO DECIDENDI 1 APPEAL - SUPREME COURT: Extent of appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court ''Constitutionally, this court is enjoined to hear appeals from decisions of the Court of Appeal. It has no jurisdiction to entertain appeals directly from decisions of High Courts and in this regard, it is apposite to refer to section 213(1) of the 1979 Constitution, now section 233(1) of the 1999 Constitution.'' Per EDOZIE, J.S.C (P. 11, paras. B-D) - read in context 2 APPEAL - ISSUES FOR DETERMINATION: Whether issues not

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