REPUBLIC OF SENEGAL One People-One Goal-One Faith In the name of the people of Senegal! DAKAR COURT OF APPEAL FLAGRANTE DELICTO ----------------------------- REGIONAL COURT OF DIOURBEL Of 03 MAY 2012 Prosecution N° AT THE ORDINARY PUBLIC HEARING of the Regional Court of Diourbel (Senegal) on May third, two thousand and twelve, held for correctional police cases by Mr. xxx, judge at the seat, President, assisted by xxx, judges at seat, members; PUBLIC PROSECUTION In the presence of xxx, deputy of the Public Prosecutor and with the assistance of xxx, Registrar, Judgment N° And: xxx (Civil Party) VERSUS xxx (D.W of 30/04/12) Was rendered the following judgment: Between: 1) Mr. Prosecutor of the Republic requesting according to the report of interrogation of flagrante delicto dated April 30, 2012; And 2): xxx, aged 30, born in Pire (C.L. Touba Toul), xxx, housewife, domiciled in Touba Thiawène; Civil party appearing at the concluding hearing in person; On one hand And: 1) xxx, 35 years old, born in Pew Fall, xxx, laborer, passing through Touba; Warrant of detention of April 30, 2012 Accused of indecent assault with violence and possession of cellulose product, provided for and punished by articles 320 al. 6 of the Penal Code and 109 of the Drug Code; Appearing and concluding at the hearing, in person; OFFENCE Indecent assault with violence and possession of cellulose product; Articles 320 para. 6 of the Penal Code and 109 of the Drug Code DECISION See operative part Arrested at the hearing on May 3, 2012, in accordance with article 384 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the defendant declared that he wanted to be tried immediately and the case was usefully retained; On the other hand

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