In the name of Allah, the Merciful
General Court of Rabek
Number 1/7/201 the appellant Amnah Hussein Hamad
Date 29/6/2011 d Mohammad Saleh Ali Hamad
Mr. President of the Advertising Bureau
You are required to give the appellant the appeal letter of the Rabek Court to the appellant Amnah
Hussein Hamad and access to the receipt
Judge of the court of Rabek
Number: ASM / 304/2017 on 25/6/201
The appellant: Amnah Hussein Hamad
The Appellant: Mohammad Saleh Ali Hamad
On 20/11/2017, in case No. 304/2017, the second judge of the Rabek court for the personal status of
Muslims stated the following:
• I am representing the condemned appellant Anna Hussain Hamad Mohammed, against the appellee
Muhammad Saleh Ali Hammad for alimony regarding spousal support for the maintenance for their
daughters’ (Rouba) son, who is one and a half years old. Previous maintenance costs included ; a child
allowance of £1,500 for five months, a maintenance allowance of £900 for three months, a leisure
allowance of £500 for six months, a clothing allowance of £300 each month and an additional £900
pounds each month, in which Mr. Hammad was ordered to provide.
• On 5/12/2017, the appellant filed this appeal through her lawyer Mohammad Yaacoub Mohammad.
• The request was accepted because it was submitted within the time limit set by the Civil Procedure Act
(Amendment 2009).
• The reasons for this appeal, was to give the appellant an opportunity to estimate their expenditures
according to their economic living conditions, as the court did not relay on the salary of the defendant. In
addition to this, the court also did not give the appellant the opportunity to prove all the costs of their
• After reviewing all the documents, statements were made during the investigations which indicated that
the expenditures in the documents corresponded to the total salary of the appellant. The court then
estimated the payment of alimony in accordance with Article 66 of the 1991 Personal Status of the
Muslims act. The salary and the time period during which expenditures were increased, compared to the

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