REPUBLIC OF SENEGAL One Nation- One Goal- One Faith Dakar Court of Appeal High Court of PikineGuediawaye No of the judgment: No of the public prosecution: Public Prosecutor And ……… Versus …. Counsel Detention warrant dated 23.05.18 Type of the offence Attempt of rape Decision See end of judgment SUSPECT CAUGHT RED-HANDED Hearing in correctional matters of 25 May 2018 In the name of the People of Senegal At the ordinary public hearing of the High Court of PikineGuediawaye of May 25, 2018 held in correctional matters by Madam…, President, Mr… and Mr …, sitting judges and members, in the presence of Mr. …, Deputy Public Prosecutor and Maître…, Registrar, was rendered the judgment with following content: Between: The Public Prosecutor, plaintiff, based on the interrogation statement of a suspect caught red-handed No… of 25.05.2018; And Ms.... born on August 8, 1992 in Mbodieme, corporal in the army, domiciled in Pikine, appearing and pleading at the public hearing; ON THE ONE HAND Mr…. born on 16 April 1963 in Dakar, son of… and of…, tiler, domiciled in Dalifort; Suspect of attempt of rape; Detained on detention warrant of 23.05.2018 and assisted by his lawyer…; ON THE OTHER HAND At the hearing of 25 May 2018, in accordance with article 384 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the suspect stated that he wanted to be tried immediately and the case was argued; The President read out the written submissions of the prosecutor filed in Court and interrogated the suspect; The public Prosecutor, after a summary of the facts

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