ON THE APPEAL: by Maitre Hamadoun DICKO, Attorney at the Court, acting for and on
behalf of Mrs Aminata SALOUM, on the one hand,
AGAINST: Judgment No. 06 of 10th June 2002 of the Court of Appeal of Mopti and Kalil Bara,
having as counsel Maitre Malick MAIGA, Advocate at the Court, respondent, on the other hand.
On the report by Advisor Sidi SINENTA, and the written and oral submissions of Advocate
General Moussa Balla KEITA
Having deliberated in accordance with the law;
By act No.4 done at the Registry on 11th June 2002, Mr. Hamadoun DICKO, Attorney acting for
and on behalf of Mrs Aminata Saloum, lodged an appeal against Judgment No.06 delivered on
10th June 2002 by the Correctional Chamber of the Court of Appeal of Mopti, the operative part
of which reads as follows:
Receives the appeal
Annuls the judgment passed in all its provisions, ruling anew;
Declares Kalil Baba not guilty of the charges against him;
Declares him acquitted on all counts,
Dismisses the claim for damages formulated by Aminata SALOUM;
Leaves costs at the charge of the State;
As per Certificate of Deposit No. 214/2002 of 23rd September 2002, the appellant has paid the
statutory deposit into court.
Whereas Article 513 of the Criminal Procedure Code states that an appellant shall, on pain of
forfeiture, deposit the amount of 10,000 Francs upon filing a statement of appeal;
Whereas in the present case, it is sufficiently clear from the case file that the appeal was filed on
11th June 2002 and the deposit paid on 13th September 2002;
Whereas it follows that, pursuant to Article 513 mentioned above, the appellant should be
declared to have forfeited her right of appeal.
The Court declares Mrs Aminata SALOUM to have forfeited her right of appeal;

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