The National Supreme Court
Personal Status Circuit
Cassation Decision No: 503/2015

Issued by the Personal Status Circuit- The National Supreme Court, on
31/08/2015, headed by Mr. Al Bushra Osman Salih, Adul Hameed Mohammed
Abdul Hameed – judge of the Supreme Court (member) and Dr. Ahmed Abdul
Mageed- judge of the Supreme Court (member).
Appeal No.: 14/#/2015- Omdurman Court of Appeal- ONC and case No.:
3145/#/2014 Omdurman North Court, were submitted and registered under No.:
Appellant: Al-Amin Abdullah Moussa
Respondent: Fatima Obaid Habib Allah
- This objection issued by the Omdurman Court of appeal, has been
submitted on 19/04/2015, under No.: #/14/2015, to uphold the decision
issued by the lower courts and requesting that appeal shall be cancelled on
the basis of summary procedures.
- Nothing shows that the appellant has taken cognizance of the contested
judgment and the objection has been submitted on 07/07/2015, hence the
objection is admitted in form, as to subject, the facts are summed up in
that, case No.: 3145/#/2014, has been submitted by the plaintiff/ Fatima
Obaid Habeeb Allah against the defendant/Al Ameen Abdullah Musa,
before Omdurman North Personal Status Court, claiming that, the
defendant was her husband, they had their daughter/ Asia, 12 years old
and they got divorced, she claims house rent for the amount of SP 600,

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