Supreme National Court
Personal Status Circuit
Decision No. : 211/2016

Issued by the Supreme National Court, - Personal Status Circuit, on: 29-03-2016,
presided by Mr. Abdul Raheem Abdel Sayyed.
Ms. Fayza Ibrahim Zain Alabdeen


Judge at the Supreme Court
Yaqoub Hamad Abdel Rahman


Judge at the Supreme Court

Documents included in Appeal No.: 561/#/2015 –Khartoum North and Nile East
Court of Appeal and documents included in case No.: 179/Cassation/2016Khartoum East Court, registered under No.: 102/review/2016 have been

Appellant: Ahmed Alfatih Mohammed Ali Gad
Respondent: Shirin Hassan Khatab

“Merits of the case”
The Respondent raised case No.: 51/#/2015 before Khartoum North for Personal
Status against the appellant, claiming divorce based on harm, stating that, she is
the lawful wife of the appellant and is still within the marriage bond, but he has
abused the matrimonial relation as he beats her in many parts of her body, insults
her by saying she is impolite, labels her honor by saying she is wandering in the
streets in an inappropriate way, a manner that does not suit her, is not permitted

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