National Security Act, 2010

In accordance with the provisions of the National Interim Constitution of the Republic of the Sudan
2005, the National Assembly has passed and the President of the Republic has approved the following
Chapter I
Article (1)
Preliminary Provisions
Title and Commencement
This Act may be cited as the “National Security Act, 2010”, and shall come into force as of the date of
its signature.
Article (2)
Repeal and Saving
The National Security Act, 1999 shall be repealed, provided that all procedures, regulations and orders
made thereunder shall remain in force, until revoked or amended.

Article (3)
1. There shall be established a national security body to be known as the “National Security
2. This body shall be a national regular force working under the general supervision of the
Presidency of the Republic.
3. The Director of the National Security Service shall directly be responsible for the
administration of the body.

Article (4)
Mission statement
1. The National Security Service shall be charged with alerting the State competent bodies as to
the occurrence or existence of imminent internal or external threat jeopardizing the country or
any part thereof whether by way of war, invasion, siege, natural or environmental disaster or
jeopardizing its economic situation, democratic system or social fabric, and shall see to
restoring peace and tranquility among the citizens.
2. The service rendered by the body shall be national and professional reflecting fair
representation, diversity and multiplicity of the Sudan.

Article (5)

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