In his evidence-in-chief, he stated that on 12/5/14 while he was on duty, a case of sexual harassment was referred to him and his team for investigation by the Commissioner of Police FCT, Abuja. That on the 9/5/14 a complainant by name Peter Nnameka and one Suleman Saddiq came to the Police Headquarters from Brekette family member of Love F.M. Radio Station 104.5 F.M. and alleged that on that 9/5/14 that the accused person was caught having sexual intercourse with his biological daughter by name Emmanuella Bam Eko a 15 years old girl inside the living room at Ado Dutse, Abuja. PW1 further stated that when he requested from the complainant to know how they came about the accused had sexual intercourse with his daughter, Mr. Peter informed him that one of the accused person’s son was about to enter the room when he discovered that the door was locked from inside and he knocked but they couldn’t open the door until after sometime. It is the evidence of PW1 that in the process of investigation, the victim was taken to hospital for examination and the Medical Report shows that there was repeated sexual intercourse with the victim. PW1 also stated that he recorded the statement of the accused person; the said statement dated 12/5/14 was admitted in evidence as Exhibit A. The PW1 also stated that he took the victim to Police General Hospital Area 1, Garki, Abuja for examination. The witness also stated that one of his finding is that about 3 persons, who are cotenant of the accused person came to the police station and 2

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