The appellant Gambo Ahmadu was charged with murder of the deceased who had
complained to her that somebody had put poison into his medicine which he had
taken. On hearing this Gambo Ahmadu got groundnut oil and later fresh milk as
advised by her husband and gave the deceased to drink, the deceased drank it, and
thereafter he died on the way to the hospital after vomiting profusely. At the
conclusion of the trial, the appellant was convicted and sentenced to death.
Dissatisfied she sought to overturn the court’s decision.
ISSUE: Criminal liability of a young person
The court held that young person are criminally responsible for their criminal acts
or omission and are subject to trial by Juvenile Courts except in two cases. (1)
Where the charge is one of homicide (2) where the Juvenile is charge jointly with
an adult. The trial shall take place in a regular court, but in cases of homicide, a
Juvenile Court can conduct a preliminary inquiry into matter but cannot proceed to
full trial of the offence, if a prima facie case is established.

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