certificate for each child they employ or an extract of a judgment in lieu thereof, as well as the medical certificate, which shall be in the file of the person concerned, established in accordance with the provisions of Article L 222 of the Labor Code. Art. 12. -Anyone who contravenes the provisions of the present decree shall be punished by the penalties provided for by the legal and regulatory provisions in force. Art. 13. -All provisions contrary to the present decree are hereby repealed. Art. 14. The labor and social security inspectors shall be responsible for the enforcement of this Order. Ministerial Order NO 3749/MFPTEOP/DTSS of 6 June 2003 fixing and prohibiting the worst forms of child labor Article I - For the purposes of this decree, a child is any person under the age of 18 years. Art. 2 - The present order establishes the list of activities considered to be the worst forms of child labor and which endanger the health, safety or morals of children. Such activities are: 1. begging by children on behalf of third persons; 2. forced or bonded labor by children for third persons; prostitution, production of pornography, pedophilia, production, transport, sale and consumption of drugs and other illicit activities...; 3. very arduous work: working underground, underwater, at dangerous heights, working in confinement or in isolation for long hours, carrying heavy loads, rock crushing, gold panning…; 4. very hazardous work performed by children: use, handling and transport of toxic chemicals and biological products, use of complex tools and machines; 5. public transport of goods and people by children; 6. collection of waste and rubbish by children; and 7. slaughtering of animals by children. Art. 3- The activities listed in the preceding article are prohibited for children.

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