asked the court to acquit the suspect for the accusation of attempt of rape and sentence him for assault and battery which resulted in temporary incapacity to work for 15 days of deprivation of liberty; The suspect made his submissions; The Registrar took note of the submissions; The debates were closed for deliberations; After its deliberations in accordance with the law, the court made the decision in following terms: THE COURT Whereas, according to the interrogation statement No….dated May 25, 2018, Mr… was brought before this Court, in any event before the prescription of the criminal action, on allegations to have attempted in Pikine in 2018, using violence, coercion, threat to have sexual relations with…., to have exerted assault and battery on the minor resulting in temporary incapacity of work for 15 days; Offences provided and punished by articles 320, 320 bis and 307 of the Penal Code; ON MERITS On the criminal action Whereas the public prosecutor asked for the acquittal of the suspect for the accusation of attempt of rape and applied for 15 days of imprisonment for the suspect for assault and battery; Whereas while he was being interrogated, the suspect denied the facts; Whereas counsel for the accused submitted that the suspect could be released on basis of the benefit of the doubt; Whereas based on the court records and debates in the hearing, there is doubt as to whether the accused attempted to commit rape; That he should be acquitted for that accusation on the ground of the benefit of the doubt; That he should however be found guilty for assault and battery and sentenced to pay a fine of 50,000 FCFA; On Civil damages Whereas the civil action was duly initiated and that the claimant of civil damages asked for 500,000 FCFA;

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