COURT OF APPEAL OF BURKINA FASO OUAGADOUGOU ********** Unity- Progress- Justice Judgement No.: 012/2017 Legal Department No.: 008/2017 CASE: Legal Department Vs. THE HIGH COURT OF KONGOUSSI --------------------HEARING OF FEBRUARY 1, 2017, ON CRIMINAL MATTERS At the public hearing of the High Court, holding in Kongoussi (Burkina Faso) on the 1/02/2017 (of February two thousand and seventeen), on criminal matters by: Mr Saïdou COMPAORE, Judge, acting as President; B. E TYPE OF OFFENCE Intimidation Decision: See verdict PANEL: COMPAORE, President NAKOULMA, L.D. OUEDRAOGO, Court Registrar PRESIDENT Ténin Marie NAKOULMA, Deputy State Counsel of Faso, representing the Legal Department; LEGAL DEPARTMENT Assisted by Barrister Rassamya Roger OUEDRAOGO, Court Registrar-in-Chief; COURT REGISTRAR Delivered the following ruling in a suit: BETWEEN The State Counsel of Faso petitioner in a flagrante delicto proceeding; ON THE ONE HAND; AND B. E, born in 1975 in Bain by BOUGMA Hervé and SAWADOGO Marie Madeleine, Burkinabe, farmer, living in Bani, single and father of 2 (two) children, who declares to have never been convicted, given an award or recruited; Accused of: “having intimidated O. K. V in Bam, on 16 December 2016, less than 3 (three) years ago, with a criminal offence, in the case at hand, by killing her if she did not stop providing contraceptives to his concubine: Acts provided for and punished by article 348 of the penal code ON THE OTHER HAND; When questioned during the 1 February 2017 hearing, in accordance with the provisions of Article 396 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the accused declared that he wants to be tried immediately During the appeal, the State Counsel of Faso stated that he had brought the above-mentioned accused before the Court to defend himself on account of the above-mentioned prejudice; Then, the Court Registrar read out the documents in the case file and the accused was questioned; The submissions of the Legal Department were heard; The accused made his arguments to defend himself; He received the floor in last position; The Court Registrar took note of the statements and responses of the accused: At the end of proceedings, the Court ruled as follows: 1

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